handcent vs go sms vs chomp

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Jun 28, 2010. I dont believe Chomp has text to speech either and people do have. tried to text, but I don't like it nearly as much as Handcent or Chomp.... Been using GO SMS for about 6 months now, ages ahead of Handcent and Chomp.
Chomp.I found Handcent to be buggy and not cooperate with some of my.  Thread: Handcent SMS vs... handcent vs go sms pro vs chomp.
Open handcent, go into settings, application settings, then default messaging application. Set it to all (sms & mms). Go Sms has several types of widgets vs Handcent's one widget. Go Sms has. Go Sms > Handcent, Chomp Sms. us2does.
Does anyone else have the problem of facebook profile pictures not showing up go sms and chompsms? If so, does anyone have a fix?
May 21, 2013. I'm hopeful too as I'm looking for a GO SMS replacement... Definitely more Holo themed versus ChompSMS... As a longtime user of Handcent who was sick of how it stutters and its clunky interface, I recently went through.
handcent vs chomp vs stock Hero CDMA Q&A, Help. The stock one on sense is just really slow unless you constantly delete your sms/mms.. had back on 1.5, and have gotten so accustomed to it I see no reason to go back.

handcent vs go sms vs chomp

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Thread: Handcent vs SMS Popup vs Go SMS. go sms vs handcent vs chomp. handcent vs go sms pro vs chomp.

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Oct 3, 2012. I have had a lot of problems with Go SMS and Go Launcher since the JB update. . Handcent SMS. 33 20.75GoSMS. 52 32.70Chomp. 11 6.92. Monday Brief: The Nokia Lumia 928, a Galaxy S4 vs HTC One camera.

handcent vs go sms vs chomp

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